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About Us

Unparalleled experience you can really rely on

RoughTrax, established back in 1991, was formed out of a love of everything mechanical, from Hot Rods to Drag Cars, 4x4’s to light commercials and even Tractors. We have worked on, created and dismantled them all!

From humble beginnings RoughTrax first premises was a small 1000 sq. ft leased unit from which all repairs and modifications were carried out. It was from here that we first started selling second hand parts for Toyota 4x4 pickups, mainly to the local Truck owners.

Having owned, raced and worked on Toyota’s since his first Mk1 pickup Barry had an accident and it was from this misfortune that the online side of the RoughTrax business was born.

With the help of his wife and a handful of staff RoughTrax then relocated to another 2,500 sq. ft unit whereby all efforts where steered towards selling parts Online.
Initially advertising in all the 4x4 Magazines and producing brochures the RoughTrax name became synonymous with providing Toyota 4x4 customers with service and parts that could be relied upon.

To date RoughTrax now work from a large purpose built unit with several staff in key areas but the owners, Barry and his Wife Angela, still maintain full control over every day decisions.
It’s this personal touch and the fact that they only specialise in their love of the Toyota Pickup, Surf and Land Cruiser that sets RoughTrax aside.

Our Aim is to give you the excellent service and respect we would expect ourselves

We want RoughTrax to be the sort of Company that we’d want to buy from if we were you and show the same respect and service that we’d want to receive.
It’s quite simple really; we want to be the best at what we do.
If its parts for your Toyota 4x4 that you require and you’ve not used us before then give RoughTrax a try, we don’t buy rubbish and we certainly won’t sell it.

We’ll go that extra mile for every one of our customers

Of course there are other Companies selling parts but none put all their efforts into sourcing quality parts for their customers like RoughTrax do. We don’t just want to sell the everyday parts for every make or model of 4x4 but want to stand out as a company that will go the extra mile to source literally any part where possible for your Toyota 4x4 Pickup, Surf or Land Cruiser, we’ll even take the sting out of you having to go to your Local Toyota dealer then deliver the parts to your door. So try RoughTrax for “A great deal better!”

RoughTrax Heritage Time Line


1991 - Established

RoughTrax was established by Barry Hemmings in 1991 carrying out repairs, projects & engineering work from Hot Rods to Drag Cars, 4x4’s to light commercials and even Tractors. We worked on, created and dismantled them all!

RoughTrax first premises was a small 1000 sq. ft leased unit from which all repairs and modifications were carried out.

1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Dragster, 8 Litre Nitro Powered! Red 1934 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Dragster, 8 Litre Nitro Powered! Camaro & Ford Mustang in the workshop
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1992 - Breaking vehicles for parts

Originally RoughTrax started in the parts industry breaking Toyota 4x4 vehicles for parts, this started with the Toyota Hilux Pickup Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3. As the demand increased RoughTrax began supplying and fitting brand new parts for the Toyota Hilux Pickups.

White Mk1 Hilux Pickup Breaking White Mk1 Hilux Pickup Engine Mk2 Hilux Pickup
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1993 - South West Truckfest winners

RoughTrax entered the Southwest Truck Fest with their heavily modified Mk1 V8 5.0 Litre Tipper show truck securing first place. Winning the Southwest Truck Fest was the start of the Era of “Monster Trucks” and helped RoughTrax manufacture their own Suspension Lifts and V8 conversions and tilt beds for customers. We won many shows from our unique conversions and new ideas.

Mk1 Hilux Pickup V8 5.0 Litre Tipper South West Truck Fest show truck 1993 Winner Mk1 Hilux Pickup V8 5.0 Litre Tipper South West Truck Fest show truck 1993 Winner Mk1 Hilux Pickup V8 5.0 Litre Tipper South West Truck Fest show truck 1993 Winner

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1994 - 4x4 Comp-Safari Racing

On the back of a successful previous year RoughTrax enters the world of 4x4 Comp-Safari Racing with the All-Wheel Drive Club amongst others. The vehicle shell and look was based on the Mk3 Hilux Pickup but that's where the similarities ended. The heavily modified racer initially started out with a 400 cu in Ford 6.0 litre engine producing some 320 BHP with automatic transmission and a unique triangulated 4 bar rear suspension, lumped on a highly modified chassis. The racer even made the front cover of several 4x4 magazines for its unique lime green paint work.

 RoughTrax Comp Safari Racer, 400cu Ford 6.0 Litre 320BHP 1994 Winners RoughTrax Comp Safari Racer, 400cu Ford 6.0 Litre 320BHP 1994 Winners RoughTrax Comp Safari Racer, 400cu Ford 6.0 Litre 320BHP 1994 Winners

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1996 - Selling parts via magazines, national newspapers & telephone directory

RoughTrax started selling parts via 4x4 magazines, national newspapers and telephone directory advertising – With some rather unique advertising the sales started to increase.

 RoughTrax First Advert in 1996 

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1996 - RoughTrax first website was launched

RoughTrax started our first website taking online orders under the web address of – The first major step to our current established business.

RoughTrax First Website 1996

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2002 - Pledged to concentrate solely within the Toyota 4x4 market place

RoughTrax makes a conscious decision not to be a supplier of “all parts to all manufacturers” but instead concentrates on their extensive knowledge within the Toyota 4x4 market place, ensuring quality parts, service, and a huge diversity of components for your Toyota 4x4. We really do go the extra mile to ensure we help get the right part for your Toyota.

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2004 - RoughTrax stop mechanical repairs & servicing

As RoughTrax expanded in size the conscious decision was made for RoughTrax to cease carrying out all mechanical repairs and servicing to concentrate all our efforts on the supply of brand new parts only.

RoughTrax showroom in 2004

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2007 - RoughTrax becomes a limited Company

The expansion of RoughTrax grew strong; this enabled us to form as a Limited company.

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2008 - RoughTrax change domain name

RoughTrax change the domain name to to further expand into the Toyota 4x4 market place.

RoughTrax @ Stockwood Vale

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2010 - RoughTrax help support the land speed record

RoughTrax supports the Blood Hound SSC Land Speed Record Car attempting to hit the astonishing speed of 1,000 mph.

Blood Hound SSC Land Speed Record Car, 1000mph! Blood Hound SSC Land Speed Record Car, 1000mph!

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2011 - RoughTrax relocates and moves into new purpose built premises

RoughTrax relocates and moves into a new purpose built premises, providing more local employment, increased storage and office facilities.
The new premises allowed for a far greater storage of a wider range of products for Toyota Hilux pickups, Surfs and Land Cruiser’s with room to grow.

RoughTrax New Premises @ Pixash Lane

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2013 - Registered Trademark

RoughTrax becomes a registered trademark, furthering our commitment to our brand identity.

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2014 - Authorised Dealers for Aisin

Following on from a meeting in September 2014 at the Parts Trade Show in Frankfurt, the Automechanika, RoughTrax are proud to announce they have been made Authorised Dealers in the UK for “Aisin”. Aisin are one of the major manufacturers for Toyota in areas such as Clutches, Brakes, Hydraulics, and Cooling.
In fact Toyota now own in the region of 30% of Aisin.
Securing this contact was a major achievement as very few Companies are granted Dealership. This helps RoughTrax bring the best products to market at a hugely discounted price and will be promoting this throughout 2015.

RoughTrax are now Aisin Authorised Dealers

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2015 - New website launched & re-brand

RoughTrax launches new website and re-brands the company with a new logo, strap line and complete new website design.

RoughTrax New Website Screenshot Jan/2015 RoughTrax New Logo Jan/2015

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2015 - Free delivery to UK Mainland

RoughTrax offers “Free UK Mainland Delivery” the first Company in its comparative field to do so.

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2016 - Celebrating 25 Years of Business

RoughTrax proudly celebrates 25 years of business within the automotive industry, we take this opportunity to thank every single customer from the very beginning in 1991.

RoughTrax Team Celebrating 25 Years of Business

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2017 - Additional Customer Service Staff

RoughTrax employed additional customer service staff to cater to our ongoing commitment to maintain & improve our high customer service levels.

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2017 - Warehouse Expansion

Since the expansion and relocation to our new premises in 2011 we have maximized every nook and cranny with three additional mezzanine floors.

RoughTrax acquired additional warehouse space in early 2017. This expansion will provide us with the extra space that has been required to hold larger stock volumes.

RoughTrax Warehouse Expansion

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2018 - Extra Warehouse Space

We have now added two new mezzanine floors to hold even more stock!

New Mezzanine Floors  Deliveries

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2018 - The RoughTrax Team

Here is the latest photo of our hard-working team!

RoughTrax Team 2018

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2018 - Automechanika 2018

Here are the latest photos from our trip to Frankfurt!

 Automechanika 2018  Automechanika 2018

Automechanika 2018  Automechanika 2018

Automechanika 2018

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2018 - RoughTrax's offers Free Delivery to All of Mainland UK

As you may know, we have been trying to negotiate a better deal with our couriers for quite some time now, so we are pleased to be able to offer this to all our mainland Scotland customers.

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2019 - Brand new website launched!

On the 15th March RoughTrax launched their brand new website. The website includes:

  • A new improved search
  • Easier to use checkout
  • Clearer design

By moving to the new next generation platform it gives us the opportunity to add more features, so watch this space!

RoughTrax Brand New Website Screenshot 2019 

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