What is Brake Cleaner?

Brake cleaner, often called Brake, Clutch and Parts Cleaner is an aerosol-delivered solvent originally designed to clean grease, oil, brake dust and dirt from brake friction materials.

With its easy application and minimal amount of preparation and clean-up time, it can be a quick fix for a dirty under performing brakes.

What are the benefits of using Brake Cleaner?

Dirty brakes that are full of road residue, grease, and dust will cause the brake pad not to be able to grip the brake disc like it should.

Spraying some brake & clutch cleaner onto the brakes will not only get rid of the grime build up, but undoubtedly improve braking performance.

Increase your braking performance by removing any:

Brake Cleaner

  • Quick & easy application
  • Minimal preparation & clean up time
  • Improves braking performance
  • Helps treat Brake Disc's & Pads to reduce brake squeal
  • Prolongs the life of both Brake Discs & Pads
  • Rapidly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and grime from brake friction components
  • Rehydrating formula to preserve braking components

What can Brake Cleaner be used for?

Find out what useful applications Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner can be used for in the garage or at home.

The chemical makeup of brake & clutch cleaner is not only able to work on brakes and grease. Brake & Clutch Cleaner can also be used in many situations where stains are hard to remove.

There are many other uses for brake cleaner that many people have not been taking advantage of.

Here is a list of some of the ways that you can use brake & clutch cleaner in the garage and for other home applications.

In the Garage:

RoughTrax Brake Cleaner

  • Cleaning brake components
  • Cleaning clutch components
  • Grease & oil stains
  • Helps find leaking vacuum hoses on petrol engines whilst the car is running
  • Engine degreaser
  • Car parts cleaner

At Home:

RoughTrax Brake Cleaner Floor Stains

  • Dirty floor stains
  • Removes permanent marker stains
  • Stubborn surface cleaner
  • Concrete cleaner

How to use Brake Cleaner

If you've ever used a can of spray paint then you won't have any problems using brake cleaner on your vehicle or at home, in general the application process is the same:

  • Shake the can to activate the formula
  • Hold the can about 30cm away from the application and apply
  • Allow the Brake Cleaner to soak in & evaporate
  • Re-apply to stubborn areas and wipe away any excess dirt with a clean cloth before it evaporates

Unlike most brake cleaners available today RoughTrax Brake & Clutch Cleaner does not contain Tetrachloroethylene which is one of the common causes of severe headaches and illness. Obviously all brake & clutch cleaners are harmful and can cause illness or death, please ensure you avoid contact with your skin, eyes and mouth and always read label on any aerosol before use.

Never apply to hot brakes or surfaces as it will release harmful toxic corrosive gases when burnt and it could easily catch on fire!

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