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  1. What is AHC?

    What is AHC?
    Have you ever wondered what AHC is? Some of our vehicle parts can only be fitted to vehicles with AHC so we have put together a quick guide to help. Firstly AHC stands for Active Height Control suspension or Adjustable Height Control. What does AHC do? Well to keep it short on the Land Cruiser 100 series it allows the...
  2. What is an EGR valve?

    What is an EGR valve?
    This article taken from Toyota GB explains what an EGR valve is, what it does and what happens when it fails. The common signs of failure include engine performance issues like decreased power and acceleration, rough idle, and the engine management light coming on forcing the car to drive in limp mode. This article explains everything you need to know about complete EGR valves...
  3. What can Brake Cleaner be used for?

    What can Brake Cleaner be used for?
    RoughTrax are proud to introduce our very own branded Brake Cleaner that can be used for many other applications in the garage or at home. What is Brake Cleaner? Brake cleaner, often called Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner is an aerosol-delivered solvent originally designed to clean grease, oil, brake dust and dirt from brake friction materials. With its easy application and minimal amount of...
  4. Automechanika Frankfurt Show 2016

    Automechanika Frankfurt Show 2016
    Automechanika is the world’s largest independent automotive trade fair for the automotive industry, holding 16 events in 15 Countries every year. Every two years, the trade fair rolls into Frankfurt in Germany and this year was by far the largest, ever! The fair is the shop window for the automotive market across the entire industry. Here is what just one of the...
  5. Common Causes of Glow Plug Failure

    Common Causes of Glow Plug Failure
    In warm and dry weather, the diesel engine will start even if one glow plug is defective and only the other plugs preheat. With glow plug failure there will usually be increased pollutant emission and possibly also knocking during start, however, the driver will not consciously take note of these signs, or will not know how to interpret them. There...
  6. What does Brake Friction R90 Type-Approval mean?

    What does Brake Friction R90 Type-Approval mean?
    Recently the European Union released an R90 type-approval requirement for all replacement Brake Pads & Brake Shoes. It is illegal to supply and or fit any brake friction material that is not R90 type approved. What is ECE Regulation 90? Otherwise known as R90, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ECE Regulation 90 is now a legal requirement for all replacement brake friction materials (Brake Pads &...
  7. Why is it illegal to sell Bull Bars in the UK?

    Why is it illegal to sell Bull Bars in the UK?
    RoughTrax receive many customers enquiring about bull bars every day, and unfortunately we are unable to supply them. It is not our decision not to supply bull bars but an EU legislation preventing us from legally selling them without a pretty hefty fine. We thought we would set the record straight and explain why it is now illegal to sell bull bars unless they been type approved, which is...

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