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  1. Winter Driving and Safety Tips

    We wanted to put together some tips for winter motoring. We have also included useful kit to keep in your vehicle and some advice on staying safe out on the roads. Essential Toyota Winter Driving Kit The weather can change at any time so it’s best to be prepared. Here is list of kit to keep in your Toyota to...
  2. Brake Disc Inspection Guide

    Brake Disc Inspection Guide

    Brake Disc Tips from RoughTrax If you’ve recently checked your brakes and noticed some strange marks or discolouration then here is some help and advice so that you know what action to take.   Normal Wear The braking surface should be flat and smooth with light scoring and visible wear ridges on both the outer and inner edges. There should...
  3. What is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)?

    What is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)?

    After reading this article you will be able to identify what Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is, and what you need to look for to find out if you have it fitted. Vehicle Stability Control is also commonly known as its abbreviation VSC. It is one of Toyota’s safety features that helps ensure your vehicle travels in the direction that you are steering. When you are cornering vehicle stability control helps you maintain grip on slippery...
  4. What is a Viscous Heater or Power Heater?

    What is a Viscous Heater or Power Heater?

    What is the Viscous Heater and where is it fitted? You will need to know this when ordering fan belts on certain Land Cruiser models, we often describe the belt options as “with or without” viscous heater fitted. This is because the length of the belt will vary if fitted.
  5. What can Brake Cleaner be used for?

    What can Brake Cleaner be used for?

    What is Brake Cleaner? Brake cleaner, often called Brake, Clutch and Parts Cleaner is an aerosol-delivered solvent originally designed to clean grease, oil, brake dust and dirt from brake friction materials. With its easy application and minimal amount of preparation and clean-up time, it can be a quick fix for a dirty under performing brakes. What are the benefits of using Brake Cleaner...
  6. Common Causes of Glow Plug Failure

    Common Causes of Glow Plug Failure

    In warm and dry weather, the diesel engine will start even if one glow plug is defective and only the other plugs preheat. With glow plug failure there will usually be increased pollutant emission and possibly also knocking during start, however, the driver will not consciously take note of these signs, or will not know how to interpret them. There...
  7. How to check or replace a blown fuse

    How to check or replace a blown fuse

    If your stereo goes dead, windows stop working, a light stops working or if your truck won’t start, it can often result to a blown fuse. Replacing or checking a fuse is as easy as changing a light bulb. You can usually change fuses yourself, easily and with very little expense on the Toyota Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surfs and Land Cruisers...
  8. How to test a car battery

    How to test a car battery

    The most common and effective way of checking your vehicles car battery is holding the correct voltage charge is by using a quality drop tester or a multimeter. A good battery should hold a charge of 12.6 volts. If it isn’t you should replace it or try charging the battery. Digital Drop Test A voltage drop test is the most effective way...
  9. What are the most popular alternator failures?

    What are the most popular alternator failures?

    Alternator failures are predictably never caught in time, keeping on top of your vehicle maintenance can save you hundreds of pounds and the need to replace your alternator through neglect. Below are the latest technical statistics labelling the most popular alternator failures. 68% of all alternator failures are due to a faulty or weak battery. 15% of all alternator failures are due to poor electrical connections, fusible...
  10. Check if your Toyota has been recalled

    Check if your Toyota has been recalled

    There are several ways to check whether your specific vehicle is subject to any current safety recalls, we have put together the best two means of checking your Toyota is subject to a vehicle safety recall. Go to Toyota’s very own online Recall Checker and enter your vehicles registration or chassis number, they will be able to confirm straight away...
  11. Tips for servicing & maintaining your Toyota 4x4

    Tips for servicing & maintaining your Toyota 4x4

    When you purchase a vehicle you are taking on the responsibility of servicing and maintaining that vehicle, it is important to ensure your vehicle is safe to be used on-road and off-road to avoid being involved in an accident. In between services you should be checking your vehicle for anything out of the ordinary and take action upon your findings...
  12. Troubleshooting Different Bearing Noises

    Troubleshooting Different Bearing Noises

    When RoughTrax carried out mechanical repairs we were often brought trucks with various droaning, humming or rumbling drivetrain bearing type noises. The initial task was to determine where the noise is coming from. Here we explain how to differentiate different bearing noises and what to look out for; Wheel bearing noises A wheel bearing noise more often than not has a constant...
  13. Time for an oil change? Opt For Semi Synthetic.

    Time for an oil change? Opt For Semi Synthetic.

    Is your car due an oil change? Probably. If you want to save a few pounds, then why not make the switch to semi synthetic? Synthetic oils are specially designed to offer high-quality, consistent performance. The benefit of using these oils is that your engine is protected over a greater temperature range, compared with using standard mineral oil. Synthetic oils...
  14. Winter Tips - Prepare to prevent failures

    Winter is when your Toyota most often produce those unexpected problems, but with a careful bit of preparation you can help prevent your vehicle from letting you down at the coldest time of the year, and more often than not, in the worst place, at the worst time! My following tips should help ease some of that burden. This especially applies...
  15. How to check a cracked cylinder head?

    How to check a cracked cylinder head?

    Are you experiencing overheating, water or coolant evaporation on your Toyota Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surf or Land Cruiser? If you are you’re likely to be a victim of the dreaded cracked cylinder head. This article will walk you through the simple steps you will need to follow to identify a cracked cylinder head. What are the most popular cracked cylinder head areas? The most...

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