A. Unfortunately on many models the data given by Toyota does not always confirm what type of differential is fitted, more often it just states “with” or “without” LSD which isn’t that helpful when you need to change your oil, so how do you tell without removing the diff?

  1. Toyota simply put an LSD sticker on the differential housing as per images below, however, over time and several steam cleans later these stickers can come off.
  2. Differential housing casings from Standard to LSD can look visually identical from the outside yet run totally different oils that must not be mixed.So, a quick way to check is to:
  • Jack up the rear of the vehicle
  • With the hand brake off and out of gear spin one wheel by hand
  • If the wheel on the opposite side spins the same way then you have a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) – assuming the differential is of course working!
  • If the opposing wheel spins in the opposite direction then you have a “Standard or Open” differential.

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