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Sourcing trusted parts is easy with RoughTrax, with over 35,000 dedicated Toyota 4x4 parts in stock we pass our knowledge and experience through the parts we supply.

Offering a next day delivery on the widest range of Toyota 4x4 parts in UK & Europe we are sure to help you find the perfect part for any Toyota 4x4.


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  1. Genuine Toyota Tailgate Support Strap Bolt
    £3.24 £2.70
    Cross-headed stepped bolt for locating the rear tailgate strap at either end...more
    Product Code: BPHW065
    In Stock
  2. Tailgate with Brake Light Hole Hilux Pickup 2005-2011
    £166.80 £139.00
    Bare tailgate panel with brake light and handle holes...more
    Product Code: BPTG003
    In Stock
  3. Original Style Embossed Tailgate with Hooks Hilux Pickup
    £174.00 £145.00
    Rear tailgate panel that comes with hooks on the top rail and name embossed...more
    Product Code: BPTG001
    Out Of Stock
  4. Genuine Toyota Tailgate Support Strap
    £13.80 £11.50
    Supports the tailgate when dropped, often frayed...more
    Product Code: BPHW006
    In Stock
  5. Tong Yang Bare Tailgate Panel in Black Primer
    £90.00 £75.00
    Smooth-sided models WITHOUT tie-down hooks come base coat primer ready for re-priming...more
    Product Code: BPTG002
    In Stock
  6. Genuine Tailgate Support Wire Strap
    £12.00 £10.00
    Both left hand and right hand straps are the same....more
    Product Code: BPHW005
    In Stock
  7. Genuine Toyota Rear Tailgate Strap
    £30.00 £25.00
    Original Toyota tailgate strap that pivots in the middle...more
    Product Code: BPHW007
    In Stock
  8. Hilux Pickup Tailgate Side Seals
    £27.54 £22.95
    Protects the bed from dust & water through the tailgate....more
    Product Code: BPHW003
    In Stock

8 Items

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