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Additional Front Axle

RoughTrax have built up an extensive range of front axle components over the years, keeping your Toyota's wheels rotating for many more years to come.

So if you’re rebuilding a leaking axle, replacing a wheel bearing for the MOT, fixing the unexpected or snapped wheel stud, from bushes to bearings to hardware - we’ve got it covered.

Additional Front Axle

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  1. Front Outer CV Joint to Hub Retaining Nut
    £2.16 £1.80
    Genuine retaining nut that secures the driveshaft joint to the hub...more
    Product Code: FAMS040
    In Stock
  2. Front Outer CV Joint Hub Nut Locking Cover
    £2.16 £1.80
    Genuine locking cover that fits over the Outer CV joint retaing nut...more
    Product Code: FAMS041
    In Stock
  3. Genuine Magnetic Front Differential Drain Plug & Washer
    £8.70 £7.25
    Original 24mm Toyota Drain plug 90341-24010 with washer, 10mm Hex drive fitting ...more
    Product Code: FAMS039
    In Stock
  4. Genuine Magnetic Front Diff Drain Plug & Washer
    £7.80 £6.50
    Toyota plug with washer, fits to the bottom axle casing, it's built in magnet attracks harmful metal particles ...more
    Product Code: RAMS008-01
    In Stock
  5. Genuine Toyota Front ABS Ring KUN25 & KUN26
    £18.90 £15.75
    Front ABS Ring or Skid Control Rotor, fits wheel bearing hub area...more
    Product Code: ABS010
    In Stock
  6. Genuine Toyota CV Joint Snap Ring - 80 series
    £3.60 £3.00
    Round section snap ring, retains the Outer CV joint to the shaft...more
    Product Code: FAMS026
    In Stock
  7. Genuine Toyota Front Differential Vacuum Actuator (A.D.D)
    £124.80 £104.00
    Engages and disengages the front differential lock (ADD) by vacuum...more
    Product Code: DIFF022
    In Stock
  8. Genuine Toyota Front Differential Lock Actuator 80 Series
    £357.60 £298.00
    Bolted to the front diff, for models with a front locking differetial...more
    Product Code: DIFF020
    In Stock
  9. Genuine Toyota Front Differential Lock Actuator
    £170.40 £142.00
    Bolted to the front diff, for models with a front locking differential, KUN25, KUN26 & GUN125...more
    Product Code: DIFF019
    In Stock
  10. Front Steering Knuckle Housing Stud Kit - Set of 4 studs
    £10.80 £9.00
    Replaces the 4 studs on one hub for either top or bottom set...more
    Product Code: FAMS025
    In Stock
  11. Ferolite Outer Drive Shaft Flange Gasket
    £1.14 £0.95
    6 stud hole with 2 dowel holes made from Ferolite material...more
    Product Code: FAMS036
    In Stock
  12. Genuine Toyota Front Hub Inner Bronze Bush
    £16.80 £14.00
    Fits on the inner side of the front stub axle and original bush...more
    Product Code: FAMS010
    In Stock

Items 1-12 of 33

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