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Fuel Injectors

Sourcing trusted parts is easy with RoughTrax, with over 35,000 dedicated Toyota 4x4 parts in stock we pass our knowledge and experience through the parts we supply.

Offering a next day delivery on the widest range of Toyota 4x4 parts in UK & Europe we are sure to help you find the perfect part for any Toyota 4x4.

Fuel Injectors

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  1. Set of 4 Injector Nozzle Seat Washers - 2L & 2LT
    £9.60 £8.00
    Genuine Toyota "Copper" type Injector nozzle seats - qty4...more
    Product Code: ENFU027
    In Stock
  2. Genuine Toyota Diesel Injection Common Rail Hilux Mk5 KDN165
    £586.80 £489.00
    A Genuine Toyota manufactured product complete with sensors - 23810-30071...more
    Product Code: ENFU018
    In Stock
  3. Injector Leak Off Pipe Washers
    £7.68 £6.40
    Genuine Toyota washers that fit below the leak off pipe...more
    Product Code: ENFU009
    In Stock
  4. Injector Nozzle Heat Shield Washers x4
    £7.20 £6.00
    Set of 4 collapsible washers to protect the nozzle, only 11mm outer diameter...more
    Product Code: ENFU006
    In Stock
  5. Genuine Toyota Injector Leak-off Pipe 1KZTE engine 3.0cc
    £32.34 £26.95
    Links the top of the 4 injectors - Original Toyota pipe...more
    Product Code: ENFU008
    In Stock
  6. Genuine Toyota Injector leak-off pipe for 2L & 2LT engines
    £33.00 £27.50
    Links the top of the 4 injectors - Original Totota pipe...more
    Product Code: ENFU007
    In Stock
  7. Liqui Moly Petrol Injection Cleaner (300ml) - "Clearance "
    £6.60 £5.50
    "Clearance Price" - Cleans & maintains all components of petrol injection systems....more
    Product Code: MOLY008
    In Stock
  8. Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter Protector (250ml) - Reduced to clear
    £8.40 £7.00
    "Clearance Sale" Reduces soot formation & extends the service life of particulate filters....more
    Product Code: MOLY003
    In Stock
  9. Forte Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner (400ml)
    £14.34 £11.95
    Provides rapid cleaning of fuel injectors, restoring injector spray pattern....more
    Product Code: FORTE11
    In Stock
  10. Forte Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (400ml)
    £12.90 £10.75
    Reduces emissions, improves engine performance & response....more
    Product Code: FORTE02
    In Stock

10 Items

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