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How to identify your Toyota Hilux Pickup 4x4

Below are short descriptions of how to identify the differences between Hilux Pickups models.

Clicking on a link within a model will take you to view parts compatible with that model.

Mk2 Hilux Pickup (1984-1988) LN65, YN65, YN67 & LN66

The Mk2 is easy to identify by its black and clear side lamps and a latch tailgate handle on both sides of the tailgate. With leaf springs front and rear it shares the same suspension set up as the Mk3. The rear lights have 6 screw holes in the light lens and they were always fitted with solid front brake discs. The model numbers for the Mk2 Hilux Pickup 4x4 are LN65 for diesel and YN65/YN67 for petrol models. Only available in single cab models in the UK. This is the first model Top Gear couldn’t destroy!

Mk2 Hilux Pickup (1984-1988) LN65, YN65 & YN67

Mk3 Hilux Pickup (1989-1997) LN105 & YN106

Leaf springs front and rear and the first Hilux pickup to have vented front brake discs and a tailgate handle in the middle of the tailgate. Unlike the Mk2 it has 4 screw holes in the rear tail lights and clear side lamps. Also the first Hilux to be available in both single and double cab models in the UK. The model numbers for the Mk3 are LN105 diesel & YN106 petrol.

MK3 HILUX PICKUP (1989-1997) LN105 & YN106 

Mk4 Hilux Pickup (1997-2001) LN165

The first Hilux Pickup to have Independent front suspension (IFS) with leaf springs on the rear and torsion bar front suspension. The rear lights are clear and red with 4 screw holes and share the same tail lights as the Mk5. There is a “2.4TD” badge on the front doors below the wing mirror on all Mk4 models. The model number for all Mk4 pickups is LN165. The Mk4 was the first to have the 2-LT 2.4 turbo charged engine.

 Mk4 Hilux Pickup (1997-2001) LN165

Mk5 Hilux Pickup (2001-2005) KDN165

The Mk5 kept the same suspension as the Mk4 with independent front suspension (IFS) with leaf springs on the rear and torsion bar front suspension. The Mk5 shares the same clear & red rear lights as the Mk4 but can also have clear, amber & red rear tail lights. The headlamps are rectangle and slope down into the grill. There is a “D4D” badge on the front doors below the wing mirror. KDN165 is the model number for all Mk5 Hilux Pickups. It was the first look at the 2.5cc D4D 2KDFTV straight-4 common rail diesel engine with a variable geometry turbocharger and Intercooler.

Mk5 Hilux Pickup (2001-2005) KDN165 

Mk6 Hilux Pickup (2005-2011) KUN25 & KUN26

This is the biggest change for the indestructible Hilux with everything being different except the 2.5cc D4D 2KDFTV engine used in the Mk5 but with more power on each facelift model. The 2.5cc Mk6 uses the KUN25 model number. There is also a 3.0cc D4D 1KDFTV engine which is the KUN26 model. The rear lights stayed the same on the Mk6 up until 2012. The first model to have coil springs front and leaf spring rear suspension.

 Mk6 Hilux Pickup (2005-2011) KUN25 & KUN26

Mk7 Hilux Pickup (2012-ON) KUN25 & KUN26

Known as the 2012 facelift model of the Mk6! A small redesign for nearly all the panels, lights, mirrors - you name it!
Still keeping the same chassis, engines and suspension but somehow Toyota again managed to release more horse power from the 2.5cc D4D 2KDFTV engine and the 3.0cc D4D 1KDFTV engine. The 2.5cc Mk7 uses the KUN25 model number just like the Mk6, the same with the 3 litre KUN26 model.

Mk7 Hilux Pickup (2012-ON) KUN25 & KUN26