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FAG Rear Wheel Bearing Seal Kit

OEM-quality manufactured by FAG with extra Genuine Toyota collar for ABS if fitted Read More...

Price: £39.00 ex VAT   (£46.80 inc VAT)
Part Number: RWBK002
Availability: In stock
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OEM-quality complete replacement rear wheel bearing kit for the Hilux Surf 185 series manufactured by FAG. It includes all necessary components usually required to change the rear wheel bearing on one side for models with or without ABS.
The extra collar added by RoughTrax to the FAG kit is a Genuine Toyota Collar if you have ABS. 

FAG is one of the most respected manufacturers of bearings & kits Worldwide, any Garage fitting FAG will know (or should!) the brand and quality.
The RRP of this kit is £62.23 + vat (time of print & without extra collar) but due to the volumes, we purchase we have been able to reduce the cost considerably for whats probably the best quality kit on the market.

Please note, the Genuine Toyota ABS ring does not come with the kit but will need to be removed to fit a bearing kit, if required we do sell the ABS ring separately, R/T part number ABS005

Care must be taken when fitting the components and the use of the rear wheel bearing puller TOOL01 will certainly help ensure you don't damage major components when stripping out the old bearing, damage to components such as the shaft or seal fitting areas could cause early failure. 
When a bearing or seal fails it is common to find the rear differential oil leaking into the rear brakes area, all listed components are included in the kit to make a quality repair.

Customers tips:

  • When fitting, initially measure the depth of the retaining collar that runs on the inner axle seal (that stops the oil from the diff) the new collar must be positioned correctly on the shaft so that the seal runs central to the retaining collar. As a tip, measure from the end of the splined half shaft down to the centre of the collar and ensure the new collar fits into the same position to ensure a correct seal.
  • Check your axle breather RAMS004 on top the axle casing, if blocked, either cleanout or replace as this could force oil through a weak spot. 

This kit is one of the most comprehensive on the market and only contains quality components in an area prone to leaking.

The FAG rear wheel bearing kit contains the following components to change one rear wheel bearing:
1x Inner axle seal,
1x Outer seal,
1x FAG manufactured rear wheel bearing,
2x Bearing retainer collars (For ABS models) - 1 Collar is added by RoughTrax and is Genuine Toyota
1x Retainer snap ring.
1x Rear hub "O" ring

About FAG:

FAG short for Fischers Aktien-Gesellschaft from Germany now part of the Schaeffler Group, have been a leading brand of wheel bearings for the automotive industry and even aerospace, in fact they started way back in 1883 and their trade-mark is protected in over 100 Countries showing commitment to their brand, they were also the first company to build the Automated Cast Steel Factory for the mass production of bearings.
INA, FAG and LuK make up the “Schaeffler Group” and in 2001 become the world’s second largest rolling bearing manufacturer. 

In short, there is endless information found online about the quality of this manufacturer, as a supplier we recognize this quality and know you are fitting some of the best bearing kits available when fitting components from FAG.
Please note: FAG only produce a kit with one retaining collar in the kit, therefore RoughTrax add an additional collar to suit models with ABS that require 2 collars. 

Click here to view Rear Axle Diagrams

Condition: New

EAN / UPC: 4014870002893

Brand / Manufacturer: FAG

MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): 713618400

OE Equivalent Part Number: 90363-40020, 90310-50006, 90313-48001, 42423-20010 (x2), 90301-88077

Weight: 0.93kg

Fitting Position: Rear

Unit of Sale: Individual kit

Outer Diameter: 90 mm

Inner Diameter: 40 mm

Width: 23 mm

Bore Ø: 40 mm

Compatible Vehicles:
Toyota Hilux Surf 3rd Gen KZN185 3.0cc (1KZTE) Turbo Diesel RHD (N - W reg, 1995-2000) Japanese
Toyota Hilux Surf 3rd Gen RZN185 2.7cc (3RZFE) Petrol RHD (N - 52 reg, 1995-2002) Japanese
Toyota Hilux Surf 3rd Gen VZN185 3.4cc (5VZFE) V6 Petrol RHD (N - 52 reg, 1995-2002) Japanese

What are the main areas to look out for on my Toyota 4x4 leaking rear axle?
OK, whilst a fairly basic setup, oil leaking into the rear drums is one of the most common issues that seems to occur.
If we think about the logic behind the setup then we'll try to help explain what may be occurring - or at least things to look out for - of course, any info is given in good faith, after all, we are parts suppliers and not the mechanic !

So oil coming from the diff into the drums can only pass by:

  1. The Inner seal leaking between seal and axle casing - is there damage between the outer casing of the seal and the axle casting it fits into - has someone previously been heavy handed and worked a screwdriver between and so potentially allowing oil to pass?
  2. The Inner seal leaking against the retaining collar - The same seal has an inner lip with compression spring behind that runs on a highly machined hardened collar, is the seal running true to the collar and on the flat face of the collar - has the spring become dis-logged when the half shaft was previously installed or is the seal worn or damaged - always lubricate the lip of the seal with oil prior to fitting the shaft.
  3. Is the collar leaking where it meets the half shaft - The collar that retains either the rear wheel bearing or ABS ring (depending on setup) is designed to be an interference fit onto the half shaft, this collar not only retains the ring or acts as a secondary backup to the bearing snap ring, but is also the machined face that the seal runs on.
    Should there be any marks or damage to the half shaft that the collar sits on, then again, oil could potentially run between collar and half-shaft. 
    Unfortunately many times we have heard of these collars previously being cut off with grinders or Oxy-acetylene leaving marks on the half shaft - oil can then run along even the finest of marks.
    This is why Toyota suggest using the bearing puller so as not to mark the shaft when removing.

    So this is how oil can pass the seal or collar - However, other factors can cause this passage of oil;
  4. The axle breather - A blocked breather on top the casing could be blocked, pressurising the system forcing oil past the weakest point - usually the oil seal, try removing, cleaning or replacing the breather, takes seconds but is often over-looked.
  5. The rear wheel bearing - A worn rear wheel bearing can in effect cause the half shaft to sit off centre to the seal - again causing oil to leak between seal and collar - replace the bearing with a new one or a kit.
  6. The half shaft - At worst the half shaft could be warped - unlikely but is a point that Toyota make in their manuals is to check the axle shaft run-out Unfortunately this isn't a part we supply.

    So hopefully this will allow you (even your mechanic) to gain some information in order to inspect and check areas of potential faults that can, and do occur in this setup.
    Remember, good mechanics should always look for a cause and not simply the obvious, always look for the potential reason / cause prior to replacing any part.

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