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Why is it important to change your brake fluid?

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Bleeding Brakes

In this article you’ll learn why it is important to regularly change your old brake fluid with new brake fluid, how to bleed your brake system and how to choose the right fluid for your vehicle. The important thing to remember is, brake fluid can absorb moisture, this is bad because of the ‘wet boiling point’ which is the reduced boiling...

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The difference between Coil, Leaf & Torsion Bars

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In this article you will learn about different suspensions types such as coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bar suspension systems, their functions and how their differ from one another. A vehicle ride quality is a very personal preference, and what one persons opinion of a nice ride comfort and feel will be another ones nightmare. Automotive springs & torsion bars play a major role...

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Tips for servicing & maintaining your Toyota 4×4

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When you purchase a vehicle you are taking on the responsibility of servicing and maintaining that vehicle, it is important to ensure your vehicle is safe to be used on-road and off-road to avoid being involved in an accident. In between services you should be checking your vehicle for anything out of the ordinary and...

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Whiteline Front Anti-Roll Bar Link Installation

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Whiteline front anti-roll bar link installation guide, please read the instructions fully below before installation. Raise front of vehicle, support on stands and remove the front wheels. Detach the sway bar links from the upper strut mounting point. Loosen the sway bar brackets to permit the sway bar to move freely in its bushes. Discard the original...

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How to change a Pollen Filter on a Toyota [VIDEO]

Pollen filters work to remove pollen particles from the outside air before it’s passed into the cabin via your air conditioning or heater system, which is why they are often called Cabin Filters. It is important to change a Pollen Filter regularly to maintain a healthy cabin. Pollen filters, like any filter, need changing regularly...

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