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What does OE, OEM & Aftermarket mean?

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Toyota and Aisin Packaging Boxes

This article explains the technical differences between OE, OEM & Aftermarket automotive products, with company and product examples for each alternative, and the expectations they need to achieve to obtain product and company certifications. OE & OEM What do we mean by an ‘OE’ or ‘OEM’ products, well in short this means the manufacturer of the original...

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Why is it important to change your brake fluid?

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Bleeding Brakes

In this article you’ll learn why it is important to regularly change your old brake fluid with new brake fluid, how to bleed your brake system and how to choose the right fluid for your vehicle. The important thing to remember is, brake fluid can absorb moisture, this is bad because of the ‘wet boiling point’ which is the reduced boiling...

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How to test a car battery

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Battery Drop Tester

The most common and effective way of checking your vehicles car battery is holding the correct voltage charge is by using a quality drop tester or a multimeter. A good battery should hold a charge of 12.6 volts. If it isn’t you should replace it or try charging the battery. Digital Drop Test A voltage drop test...

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The difference between Coil, Leaf & Torsion Bars

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In this article you will learn about different suspensions types such as coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bar suspension systems, their functions and how their differ from one another. A vehicle ride quality is a very personal preference, and what one persons opinion of a nice ride comfort and feel will be another ones nightmare. Automotive springs & torsion bars play a major role...

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What are the most popular alternator failures?

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Alternator failures are predictably never caught in time, keeping on top of your vehicle maintenance can save you hundreds of pounds and the need to replace your alternator through neglect. Below are the latest technical statistics labelling the most popular alternator failures. 68% of all alternator failures are due to a faulty or weak battery. 15% of all alternator failures are due to...

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Check if your Toyota has been recalled

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Safety Recall Notice

There are several ways to check whether your specific vehicle is subject to any current safety recalls, we have put together the best two means of checking your Toyota is subject to a vehicle safety recall. Go to Toyota’s very own online Recall Checker and enter your vehicles registration or chassis number, they will be...

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