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How often should you change your engine coolant?

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Hilux Pickup Coolant Bottle

Antifreeze or otherwise known as coolant, is the coloured fluid (usually red, sometimes green) found in your radiator & cooling system. Anti-freeze is not just for winter, it serves many purposes of which many are not aware of, most importantly; Preventing the water in your radiator and engine from freezing in cold temperatures, preventing obvious catastrophic...

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How to be safe off-road – Top 10 Tips

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Off-roading is one of the more exciting hobbies you can experience. Going off road opens your eyes to places you would not otherwise see. It also challenges you, as the terrain is far different from what you are accustomed to driving on road. Follow these very important simple rules for a safer and more enjoyable...

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AMC Filter Quality Standards & Information

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This information has been provided by AMC Filter® to explain how they achieve high quality standards, they also take you through the production process of the oil filters, fuel filters, air filters & cabin air filters. The AMC brand is for many years a well respected brand for the OE and Aftermarket. The AMC filters are supplied to OE...

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A look back on a memorable year!

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  Behind the scenes in 2015 Twenty fifteen will be remembered for the introduction of our brand new website and re-brand. What you haven’t seen behind the scenes is non-stop, hard work and dedication to provide a website you can enjoy and we can be proud of. Since the launch of the new website our...

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Belting out a bargain!

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We’re really pleased to announce that RoughTrax have now become suppliers of Gates fan belts and cam belts. As many of you know Gates is a worldwide renowned name in the manufacture of power transmission belts and indeed a first choice for many in the automotive industry so we are really pleased to be able...

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Roll on the same rubber used in Furious 7 [Video]

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Roll on the same rubber as used in the new Furious 7 movie which included the ultra-high performance all-terrain GRABBER AT², GRABBER AT & GRABBER MT. Look out for General tires on Furious 7 feature vehicles including; Dom’s off-road Charger 1970 Road Runner and 1970 Charger; Letty’s 1970 Cuda and dodge 2012 Challenger; Shaw’s Fast...

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Streetwize Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracker [VIDEO]

Streetwize GPS Tracker

RoughTrax have made this video to make it easier to understand how the Streetwize Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracker works and how simple it is to install. Simply send the tracker a text message from your mobile phone & the tracker will reply with a map of the GPS location, speed, time, date & remaining battery...

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