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Common Causes of Glow Plug Failure

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Glow Plug Glowing Inside Engine

In warm and dry weather, the diesel engine will start even if one glow plug is defective and only the other plugs preheat. In such event, there will usually be increased pollutant emission and possibly also knocking during start, however, the driver will not consciously take note of these signs, or will not know how...

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What does Brake Friction R90 Type-Approval mean?

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R90 Brake Pad & Shoe Markings

Recently the European Union released an R90 type-approval requirement for all replacement Brake Pads & Brake Shoes. It is illegal to supply and or fit any brake friction material that is not R90 type approved. What is ECE Regulation 90? Otherwise known as R90, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ECE Regulation 90 is now a legal requirement for all...

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Why is it illegal to sell Bull Bars in the UK?

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Toyota Hilux Bull Bar

RoughTrax receive many customers enquiring about bull bars every day, and unfortunately we are unable to supply them. It is not our decision not to supply bull bars but an EU legislation preventing us from legally selling them without a pretty hefty fine. We thought we would set the record straight and explain why it is now illegal to sell bull bars unless...

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RoughTrax A2A Exhaust Quality Explained

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A2A Logo

A very common question we are asked by our customers is “What is the difference in RoughTrax premium exhaust quality to others?” Well, let us explain; Who is the manufacturer? The manufacturer for RoughTrax premium exhausts are A2A Exhaust Specialists, A2A stands for Air 2 Air and is a brand name for TMA, their strap line is “OE in everything but name”. TMA is the largest...

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The Best 4×4 Insurance Companies For Your Toyota

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Toyota 4x4 Insurance

Struggling to find cheap and affordable 4×4 car insurance for your Toyota Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surf or Land Cruiser? Look no further, finding cheap 4×4 car insurance couldn’t be easier. RoughTrax have put together a list of the best 4×4 insurance companies that have been recommended to us by our customers.   Adrian Flux Insurance Services Get even cheaper...

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4×4 Insurance Discount Scheme with Adrian Flux

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Adrian Flux Logo adrianflux

Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to have the opportunity to serve RoughTrax 4×4 and provide its customers’ with competitive and bespoke policies for their Toyota 4×4’s and any other vehicle they may own. As one of the UK’s most respected specialist insurance intermediaries we have a panel of insurers who we will use to...

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