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  1. How do I check if my 4x4 has VSC or not? [VIDEO]

    How do I check if my 4x4 has VSC or not? [VIDEO]
    If you need to check if you have Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) then this little video we've put together should help. You often need to know this when looking at brake parts for some models. Click here to view all our Brake Parts
  2. VSC Lights Constantly Flashing

    VSC Lights Constantly Flashing
    Hi Guys, Just a little snippet of info I thought I’d share with you all on my Hilux KUN26. So I just fitted a new snorkel to our truck which required removing the air box with the mass-air flow sensor. I had to move the truck with it disconnected. After re-fitting the air box etc I fired her up again...
  3. What is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)?

    What is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)?
    After reading this article you will be able to identify what Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is, and what you need to look for to find out if you have it fitted. Vehicle Stability Control is also commonly known as its abbreviation VSC. It is one of Toyota’s safety features that helps ensure your vehicle travels in the direction that you are steering. When you are cornering vehicle stability control helps you maintain grip on slippery...

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