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  1. Electric Aerial Mast Installation [VIDEO]

    Electric Aerial Mast Installation [VIDEO]

    Learn how to replace your Electric Aerial Mast which is common to stop working, this usually means it has snapped. It is a very quick replacement for the basic DIY'er, let us show you how. Click here to view all Aerials & Aerial Masts for your Toyota 4x4.
  2. Changing your Headlamp Adjusters [VIDEO]

    Changing your Headlamp Adjusters [VIDEO]

    This video demonstrates how to change your manual headlamp adjuster for your original electric headlamp adjusting motor. Click here to view Headlamps for your Toyota 4×4.
  3. Aisin Free Wheeling Hub Re-build [VIDEO]

    Aisin Free Wheeling Hub Re-build [VIDEO]

    RoughTrax explain how a free wheeling hub works by dismantling an Aisin hub and putting it back together again. Click here to view all Free Wheeling Hubs for your Toyota 4×4.
  4. 30mm Wheel Spacer Installation [VIDEO]

    30mm Wheel Spacer Installation [VIDEO]

    How to install 30mm wheel spacers on a Toyota 4x4 Hilux pickup. This video explains the best procedure from start to finish of fitment. We cannot stress enough to NEVER USE AIR TOOLS when fitting any aluminium wheel spacer. Click here to view all Wheel Spacers for your Toyota 4×4.
  5. How To Measure Shock Absorbers [VIDEO]

    How To Measure Shock Absorbers [VIDEO]

    Measuring shock absorbers for your 4x4 couldn't be easier! RoughTrax explain the correct procedure of measuring shock absorbers for 4x4's. Click here to view all Shock Absorbers for your Toyota 4×4.

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