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  1. Land Cruiser KDJ120 & KDJ125 Vehicle Specifications

    Explore the latest vehicle specifications for the Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ120 & KDJ125 2002-2009 model with the 3.0 D4D 1KD-FTV engine code. In this article you will discover the most up to date information of which lubricant type, grades, capacities and service schedules for all areas as well as torque settings, vehicle weights, BHP and much more. All fluids and...
  2. What is an EGR valve?

    What is an EGR valve?
    This article taken from Toyota GB explains what an EGR valve is, what it does and what happens when it fails. The common signs of failure include engine performance issues like decreased power and acceleration, rough idle, and the engine management light coming on forcing the car to drive in limp mode. This article explains everything you need to know about complete EGR valves...
  3. What is Vehicle Stability Control?

    What is Vehicle Stability Control?
    After reading this article you will be able to identify what Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is, and what you need to look for to find out if you have it fitted. Vehicle Stability Control is also commonly known as its abbreviation VSC. It is one of Toyota’s safety features that helps ensure your vehicle travels in the direction that you are steering. When you are cornering vehicle stability control helps you maintain grip on slippery...
  4. What is a Viscous Heater or Power Heater?

    What is a Viscous Heater or Power Heater?
    What is the Viscous Heater and where is it fitted? You will need to know this when ordering fan belts on certain Land Cruiser models, we often describe the belt options as “with or without” viscous heater fitted. This is because the length of the belt will vary if fitted.
  5. What can Brake Cleaner be used for?

    What can Brake Cleaner be used for?
    RoughTrax are proud to introduce our very own branded Brake Cleaner that can be used for many other applications in the garage or at home. What is Brake Cleaner? Brake cleaner, often called Brake, Clutch & Parts Cleaner is an aerosol-delivered solvent originally designed to clean grease, oil, brake dust and dirt from brake friction materials. With its easy application and minimal amount of...
  6. Expedition Ready Land Cruiser For Sale

    Expedition Ready Land Cruiser For Sale
    Here is a 2001 Expedition Ready Land Cruiser For Sale on behalf of a RoughTrax customer, please contact Hamish directly for all enquires. It is a 2001 KDJ95 3.0 Litre 1KDFTV D4D Automatic VX Model. I built this vehicle for a 2015 overland journey which went without incident, I have since moved to another country on a permanent basis and therefore I would like...
  7. Automechanika Frankfurt Show 2016

    Automechanika Frankfurt Show 2016
    Automechanika is the world’s largest independent automotive trade fair for the automotive industry, holding 16 events in 15 Countries every year. Every two years, the trade fair rolls into Frankfurt in Germany and this year was by far the largest, ever! The fair is the shop window for the automotive market across the entire industry. Here is what just one of the...

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